How to study English for just 30 minutes to 1 hour a day

Studying another language takes patience and most of all, time. We regard time as one of our most valuable resources so we have to spend it wisely and productively. Most EFL/ ESL learners think that they just have no time to study so they can’t start it. That is not exactly correct. By studying English at least 30 minutes to 1 hour on the average daily, you will surely be on your way to mastery.

Here’s all you need to do to start off:


MONDAY (15-30 minutes): Watch shows in English. They often come in videos via youtube. You can also listen to short news clips from BBC and CNN.



TUESDAY (30 min- 1 hour): Talk to someone in English. Try to talk as often as you could. The more you talk, the more you sharpen your skills. If you can’t talk to someone face-to-face, not a problem at all. You can enroll in an online English tutorial class.



WEDNESDAY (30 minutes- 1 hour): Read books in English. You have to start with familiar topics. Read also international news. If you have to read it twice or more for better understanding, then please do so.



THURSDAY (30 minutes- 1 hour) : Study grammar. You might want to check out some grammar rules you’ve forgotten or those unheard of. There are a lot of basic and intermediate grammar books you can buy or download.



FRIDAY (30 minutes to 1 hour): Learn 3 new words a day. By doing this, you’ll be surprised with the result. Review the words which you met in your conversation (Tuesday) and reading (Wednesday). Try to use them in your own sentence in English.



SATURDAY (15- 30 minutes): Sing a song in English or at least listen to it. This way,  you get exposed to new words and their proper pronunciation. Choose songs which interest you.



SUNDAY (1.5 – 3 hours) : Watch a movie or a series in English. If you are not so confident to do this, try watching the film with your local subtitles. However, make sure that you watch the movie again without subtitles. Be mindful of the structure, words and expressions used and how they are delivered.



If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to email me at or send me a message on Skype, here’s my add zenith.bizenglish.

Enjoy studying!