What Brought Me to Online English Teaching?

Before I get into the details, let`s first have a brief introduction.

I am Rio Aiko V. Indiola, a native of Davao City. I am lawyer and a newbie real estate broker. Aside from these two, I have one more passion that keeps my nights sleepless and that is teaching English online. As I`ve written in my maiden post, I have been doing this for 7 years now.

Wanna learn?

Wanna learn?

Last night while conducting my usual skype classes, I thought of my online career journey. The feeling was like flipping through some old pages of a book that has not been touched for the longest time yet definitely not forgotten. It was 2008 when I was searching for some stuff that I could work on while still on summer vacation. This was the day after I tendered my resignation from the office which had become my second home for the past three years. It was tough especially that in my years of stay I developed good relationships with my colleagues but I guess there is a threshold to everything and at that time I have reached mine. So going back to my surfing the internet looking for some cool jobs. I found an ad which invited fresh graduates particularly those who had degrees in BA English and Communication Arts to apply for a teaching post. To my mind, I was saying no. I never wanted to become a teacher. My mother was one and I knew of some gruelling nights she had to spend doing lesson plans and things alike. Though I was hesitant, I decided to contact the school and see whether the post was legit. One day I received a message from a certain Lee from EDA requesting that I visit their office for a short interview.


ENGLISH DRS ACADEMY`s (EDA) office was far from where I live. Since I wasn`t so familiar with the location, my mom, the stage mother that she used to, opted to accompany me in going there. The office was cozy. I introduced myself and immediately after that I was seated in front of Sir Lee (now I was calling him Sir). I was explained that the school`s students were mostly Koreans who are learning English- grammar, conversation, etc.

As far as I can remember, the interview went smooth. I thought I was gonna end my day not having to sweat everything out but I was wrong. Right after the interview, I was handed a book to prepare for a demo class. Well, I least expected a practice- teach but I was already there and I thought nobody knew me anyway. I didn`t care.

I chose to teach Adjectives. My mock students who happened to be some of the teachers asked me questions. I have to admit that in the middle of my preparation, I encountered some grammar concepts which were downright foreign to me. As I am naturally gutsy, I was able to manage the demo class. I and my mom left the school with light hearts. I knew I did somehow well and most importantly, I knew I was gonna make it.

Surely, I got a message from Sir Lee, this time asking me to report to the school for an orientation. So my gut feel didn`t fail me. I was happy and so was my mom. Though I was excited, I was also feeling a little bit nervous since that whole thing was really new to me. I neither knew where to start nor what to do.

I had great colleagues. I looked up to them as people who I could always ask everytime I get confused with some technical aspects of the language. Over and above that, I got really close to some of my students. My memories of them are still with me up to this time. That was how everything started and as what the famous adage says the rest was history.

photo credit http://www.mymagicfundas.com/make-money-teaching-english-online/

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