7 Ways to Become an Effective Online Teacher (Part 2)

Previously, I wrote Part 1 of the 7 Ways to Become an Effective Online Teacher. Here’s to complete the list…

5. Listen More than Talk

No one beats a good listener. There is always that deep longing in each of us to be listened to. Reducing the TTT (Teacher Talk Time) will provide more chances for the students to speak out their minds.  At the same time, it transforms the class into a genuine communicative activity where ideas of the students simply flow. 

One very important strategy for teachers to reduce TTT is to rephrase questions. Rather than asking lengthy and confusing ones, use simple and direct questions.


Use elicitation instead of explanation. Providing clear and concrete examples to students gives way to “learning by discovery”. The student’s current proficiency level needs to considered in using this technique.

Give silence a chance. The student’s inability to immediately respond should not be equated with lack of understanding. More often than not, this silence means “mind processing”. Providing clues or repeating questions may be counterproductive. 

6. Establish Authority but Never Boast


You are the teacher and you control how the class is going to be like for the next few minutes.

The teacher should set rules the students should follow and observe. However, this should not give teachers the right to feel like they are floating up in the air. This would only put a distance between you and your students. Let your classes speak of who you are as a teacher. Most importantly, let your students do the boasting for you.

7. Give A Sincere and Hearty Approbation

Truly, any person with a sane mind can obviously weed out words of flattery from sincerity. A remarkable work always deserves a thumbs- up. Don’t put a bar on the number of times you praise the student for a job well done as long as warranted. From time to time, everybody needs a pat on the back. 


Indeed, there are a hundred ways to kill a cat. The more you are exposed to teaching, the more you discover different approaches in handling your classes. The fundamentals haven’t changed much though obviously adjustments are necessary. 

I hate to say this but I have to. Let your students fall for you. Surely, you  can’t please everyone but for those you can, make them. Only when they do love you as their teacher will you able to keep these students for life.

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