My RareJob Experience

Do you want to become a RareJob tutor? You might have been searching for some reviews before deciding to apply. Well, you came to the right place. Here’s what I got to say, honestly, about RareJob.

  1. Hiring Proces

The process is pretty straightforward. Before actually plunging into the test, please make sure that your internet connection is either wired or DSL. Wifi, convenient as it seems, won’t be accepted. Along with this, you also need to complete some basic info about yourself- contact number, school, educational attainment, hobbies, previous teaching experience etc.

You have to log on to to get your application starting. Standard screening tests are given which include reading comprehension, grammar and a little bit of writing. These tests are set with time limits so applicants need to observe proper time management.

After passing the test, please wait within a day or two for your phone interview. Basic conversations will be asked. It’s as if you are just talking to anyone. Be polite and make sure your accent is good. What is a good accent? Well, I would say one which is neutral and not suggestive of any mother tongue. Is this possible? Of course. Filipinos are gifted with mimicry skills I suppose. We can easily adapt to a foreign accent, particularly American, especially with long exposure to it.

2. Mock Lesson and Training

You’ll be sent materials and helpful links by email before doing the mock lesson. Nothing beats preparation. No matter how easy the material may appear to you,  you still have to read it and study it. Yes, the training will come first before the mock lesson but to prepare your notes before the training really helps. You can actually input your own teaching style. As long as you make the class productive, I don’t think the trainer will scold you for injecting creativity into your work.

After the trial class, the trainer evaluates you highlighting both your strong and weak points. When I had my training way back 2010, I saw the ratings which my trainer gave.

A brief orientation will be given. Don’t worry it’s just peanuts.

3. Materials

I started out in RareJob when there weren’t yet a lot of materials like it has today. It was challenging yet fun. I needed to go online an hour or two before my first lesson just to search for an appropriate material for the day. Soon I realized that it was too difficult and time-consuming for me. But I never thought of cutting down my preparation time because it was all worth it. More than a hundred of students have bookmarked me. I couldn’t be more thankful.

4. Pays and Incentives

After working for at least two years with a Davao- based online English school, I decided to hop on to RareJob because the hourly rate was attractive. A tutor could get P 120- P 150 per hour. In 2010, that sounded so good to me. Not long, I started receiving P 150 per hour plus seasonal incentives. I had a good sum for my allowance since I also got a full-time job. For payroll purposes, only BPI and PNB accounts are accepted. This account should be under the tutor’s name. If you don’t have one, RareJob will assist you to open one. You just have to log on to your tutor account and request for a letter endorsement which you will submit to either BPI or PNB.

From time to time, RareJob gives out incentives from P10- P15 per hour. Not bad! Video class incentives are permanent for as long as a tutor conducts video classes as confirmed by students.

Holiday and “Exam Week” incentive also attracts tutors. Since most tutors are students (previously all tutors were from the UP System), RareJob gets a surge of schedule blocking requests from tutors who of course need to prioritize their exams. To encourage tutors to still teach, RareJob gives this incentive.

Recently, the hourly rate is at P 80.00. As of this writing, RareJob increased it to P 100.00 per hour.

These are a number of the available incentives.

5. Penalties

This goes out to tutors who need a lot of disciplining. Cancellation of classes when the proper time to do so has lapsed is a violation. No- show is also penalized by imposing fees from I think P 30.00 per covered lesson. This will be automatically deducted from your salary which by the way is released every 10th of the month.

There are a number of rules and policies that tutors need to follow.

I love RareJob. It made me understand how the business of online teaching works.

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2 Responses to My RareJob Experience

  1. RareJob says:

    You can use your referral link. 🙂


    • Thank you for dropping by. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to my referral link anymore. I urge active tutors of RareJob to post their links here so others may be encouraged to apply.


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