The White Blanket


Jane was taking her day- off. She went to a flea market to buy stuff for her apartment. Then she saw a beautiful white blanket with initials GM. She liked it very much so she immediately bought it from the old man.

Mrs. Marita, Jane’s landlady, lived in a small room beside hers. She often gave Jane a plate of home-cooked breakfast because Jane was too busy to prepare one. Mrs. Marita was a very lovable woman but she was mysterious. She never told Jane about her family.

One afternoon, Mrs. Marita saw Jane washing the blanket. Her eyes grew wide as if she had seen a ghost. Mrs. Marita became anxious and fell on the floor.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.52.21 AM

Jane then asked Mrs. Marita what happened. Jane was shocked to know that the blanket belonged to Mrs. Marita. In fact, she embroidered the initials GM that stood for Gertrude Marita, her complete name. Mrs. Marita asked Jane where she got the blanket. They hurriedly went to the flea market. Jane saw one of the most romantic reunions ever. It turned out that the man who sold the blanket was Mrs. Marita’s husband who she hadn’t seen for 25 years.

Her husband used to work as a sailor. He took the blanket with him while at sea. His ship sank but he held on tight to the blanket. Everybody thought he was dead so he never returned home. Mrs. Marita went back to the apartment with her husband.


  1. Where did Jane buy the blanket?
  2. What did Jane notice in the blanket?
  3. What did Mrs. Marita and Jane do after they knew the truth?
  4. What happened to Mrs. Marita’s husband?
  5. Why did her husband never return home?


Matching type

___1. flea market                                   continue to do something

___2. landlady                                                b.decorated piece of cloth

___3. anxious                                                  c.worried and nervous

___4. embroidered                                         d.a small place to sell goods

___5. held on tight                                          e.owner of a building or place for rent


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