Brothers In Love


brothersMike and James were two good brothers. They were the best of friends. They did almost everything together from studying their lessons, practicing for piano recitals and playing sports. The two went to different universities. Mike took up engineering and James, business. Mike had to live in another town.

They kept no secrets from each other. James told Mike that he is courting a girl. Mike was excited to hear about it. James described her as sweet, loving and beautiful. A week after, Mike told James that he too liked a girl. She was a friend of Mike’s classmate.

The two were ecstatic. Mike and James arranged a dinner get- together so their parents could meet the girls. The night was set. The dinner table was ready but the girls weren’t in the house yet.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. It was a girl. The boys ran towards the door only to know that they had the same girlfriend. Mike and James were astonished and couldn’t believe it. The girl was playing with them all along. She was so regretful for what she did.

The girl left and the two boys ate delicious meals with their parents. Mike and James told themselves that no one could destroy their relationship, not even a girl.

Comprehension and Guide Questions

  1. How close were Mike and James as brothers?
  2. What were some activities they did together?
  3. How did James describe his girlfriend?
  4. What did Mike and James find out about their girlfriends?
  5. What will you do if this happened to you?
  6. How important is a person’s relationship with his or her brothers and sisters?


Match column A with column B

___1. recital                                                a. surprised

___2. court                                                 b. very happy

___3. ecstatic                                             c. to accept someone’s sorry

___4. astonished                                       d. to feel sorry for something wrong

___5. regretful                                           e. to get make a person feel good about you

Complete the sentences

 Mike and James were too good brothers. They practiced together for piano _________. James told Mike that he was _________ a girl. Mike too liked a girl. They were __________. But Mike and James were ___________ when they knew that they had the same girlfriend. The girl was so ___________ and walked away.



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