Mara’s Greatest Gift


Mara Johnson is preparing for the Christmas. Mara asks her mother to give her another Teddy Bear stuffed toy.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mara’s parents, have a visitor one afternoon. He’s Mr. Smith from the old orphanage near their house. Mara’s family welcomes one kid to be with them for Christmas. The 5- year-old boy named Peter is going to spend the holidays with them this year. Peter doesn’t know where his parents are. A woman found him inside a basket five years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.36.38 PM

Mara loves to play with Peter. She knows that Peter likes her stuffed toy but she doesn’t want to give it to him. Mara and Peter have a quarrel. She pulls the stuffed toy away from Peter’s hands. Sadly, the toy was torn apart. Mara gets angry with Peter. Mrs. Johnson tells Mara to forgive Peter. Mara doesn’t want to. On December 25, Mara finally comes to Peter and hugs him. She says that the best gift she has is her friendship with Peter.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is Mara preparing for?
  2. What is Mara’s favorite toy?
  3. What is Peter doing in Mara’s house?
  4. Who tore the stuffed toy?
  5. What was Mara’s greatest gift?


Match column A with column B

___1. stuffed toy                                      a. tear; to break or destroy

___2. orphanage                                     b. toy with soft cloth inside

___3. quarrel                                           c. to accept someone’s sorry

___4. torn                                                d. a place for taking care of children without families

___5. forgive                                            e. fight


Fill in the blanks using the words in C.

 Mara likes ______________. Peter stays at an __________. Mara and Peter ___________. The stuffed toy was _______ apart. Mara _____________ Peter.

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