About Me

I am Rio Aiko V. Indiola, a native of Davao City, Philippines. I am lawyer and a newbie real estate broker. Aside from these two, I have one more passion that keeps my nights sleepless and that is teaching English online. RioMy online engagements also sparked my desire to pursue a career in e-commerce and internet marketing.

Right now, I run a small online company which caters to English learners in Brazil.

In my almost 8 years of teaching English, I notice some common weak areas of learners. Around 50% of them struggle in English communication. Being a non- native speaker myself, I believe that all of us wherever we come from have the capacity to speak in English fluently. Teaching with passion is the key.

Though teachers have different strategies, there are always best practices that we can apply. In my long years of experience in teaching, I am very pleased to share to English teachers my learning points. I hope that I can be of help to teachers and professionals who plan to pursue a career in online teaching.

For comments, suggestions and questions, you may get in touch with me.

EMAIL – zenith.bizenglish@gmail.com/SKYPE- zenith.bizenglish