The Cold Hand


Once there was a cab driver named Paul. He drove all night long to support her two daughters who were going to college. Although Paul got tired oftentimes, the thought of her children always kept him on the go.

Paul was driving along Elm Road one night. This place was known to be haunted by spirits and ghosts. He didn’t have a choice but to pass through it since it was the only way he could reach his frequent customer’s house.


He was driving when he suddenly felt a cold hand touch his shoulders. Paul was afraid that he just kept on driving and ignored it. The hand touched his hand then his head. This time, Paul was already frightened. The invisible hand took the wheel and drove the car to a place Paul didn’t know. He didn’t have any control of the cab. Finally, he reached a small house. He heard a woman screaming from inside. Paul went to the house and saw a woman who was about to give birth. She was alone in that house. Paul hurriedly carried the woman to the cab and drove to the nearest hospital. The woman gave birth safely.

Paul still wondered who touched him. Other cab drivers said that the woman’s husband had a car accident in that road and died. Paul was happy that he helped someone. It was an unforgettable experience.

Comprehension and Guide Questions

  1. Why did Paul drive along Elm Road?
  2. What did feel while he was driving?
  3. How did he reach the small house?
  4. How would you react if an invisible hand touched yours?
  5. Would you have delivered the woman to the hospital?
  6. Whose hand touched Paul?


Match column A with column B

___1. on the go                                            a.afraid; scared

___2. frequent                                             b.cannot be seen

___3. frightened                                          c.very active

___4. invisible                                             d.always remembered; cannot be forgotten

___5. unforgettable                                    e.almost always

Complete the sentences

 His children kept Paul __________. One night he went to his ______customer’s house. Paul was ________ because an _________ hand touched him. It was an ___________ experience.


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